What We do

The focus of the Animation Lab is to create scientifically accurate and visually stunning depictions of molecular and cellular processes. We work in close collaboration with diverse researchers to help them explore and communicate their ideas through 2D and 3D illustrations and animations.

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Interested in discussing a possible animation or illustration project? Email Janet at jiwasa@biochem.utah.edu or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.



3D Animation 

Many molecular and cellular processes can be visualized effectively using 3D animation software. 3D animation allows us to integrate diverse biological data - including protein structures, dynamics, localization, stoichiometry, conformational changes and binding information - to create visualizations that can communicate hypotheses to a broad range of audiences. We have produced 3D animations that have been used in scientific publications, lectures, textbooks and museum exhibits. 


3D Illustration

3D animation software can be used to create detailed models of molecular and cellular structures and rendered as high-resolution illustrations. These illustrations can be used in a variety of contexts, including cover and editorial illustrations for journals, press releases, and graphics for research websites and seminars.

In addition, 3D models of biological structures can be viewed and shared (using a 3D PDF, for example) or printed using a 3D printer. 


2D Illustration

Vector illustrations are often a great way of summarizing a process within a single, information-rich image. These illustrations are used as model figures in publications, in summary slides for talks and textbooks.


Workshops & Courses

Janet has organized workshops and meetings focused on visual communication at local and national conferences, and has also organized and run practical courses (ranging in length from a week to a semester) focused on scientific 3D animation and illustration.

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