Our Team


Janet Iwasa, Ph.D.

Janet Iwasa is an Assistant Professor in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Utah.  After receiving a Ph.D. from UCSF, she completed a postdoc with Jack Szostak (MGH/Harvard) and later worked on biological visualizations as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Grace Hsu, ALM, MS, CMI 

Grace Hsu is a Scientific Animator in the Animation Lab. She earned her MS in Biomedical Visualization from the UIC in 2015. She was a recipient of the Vesalius Trust Research Grant, which recognizes meritorious projects in the field of biomedical visualization.


Shraddha Nayak, Ph.D.

Joining January 2019!


Graduate Student!

If you're a graduate student in the Molecular Biology or Biological Chemistry program at the U, click here to learn about opportunities to join our group!